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Resplenent Charter

Post by BuySomeChips on Sun May 22, 2016 1:11 pm

The Charter of Resplendent Incorperated


The governance of the Alliance shall consist of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and the Board of Directors.
The CEO is the official leader of the Alliance.
The CFO has jurisdiction over the Board of Directors, and shall act on behalf of the CEO when the need arises.
The Board of Directors is comprised of the Director of Public Relations, the Director of Human Resources, the Director of Finance, and the Director of Security.

Section I -  Appointment, Election, and Term Length:

(Board of Directors)
Each Director is to be appointed by the either the CEO or the CFO.
Directors will serve on the Board until dismissed by either the CEO or the CFO.
To be appointed a Board Member, one must have good standing within the Alliance, be IRC active, be able to fulfil his/her duties to an expected performance (dictated by a test), and have a recommendation from a member of the Orbis community in good standing.

Section II - Authorities and Powers:

The Board of Directors:
The Board of Directors is the ruling and administrative body of the Alliance. Its power is defined and confined by the charter, and alliance laws. It's role is to set policy, carry out the policy and tasks set by the CEO or CFO. Each Director is able to administrate their respective sector at a near autonomous level.

Director of Finance: Sets and executes financial policy within the context of the CFO, the Charter, and other laws. (Tax, Loans and Grants, and Economic Trade Policy, etc)

Director of Public Relations: Sets and executes foreign policy within the context of the Charter, and other laws. (Embassies, Treaty brokering, Advertisement Management, etc)

Director of Human Resources: Sets and executes domestic policy within the context of the Charter, and other laws. (Recruitment and Recruit acceptance, Dispute settlement, etc)

Director of Security: Sets and executes military policy within the context of the Charter, and other laws. (Military Numbers and Resource Requirements, Raid retaliation, etc)

Section II - Subsection I - Authorities and Powers:

Any Declaration of Alliance War requires unanimous support from The Board of Directors, the CEO, and the CFO.
In the event of the triggering of an mandatory pact between another alliance (MDP, etc), it shall be automatically accepted without need for support from The Board of Directors. (Reference Section VIII)
The CEO can declare war with the support of the CFO.
Each member of The Board of Directors is to seek the council of the other two Directors when making policy decisions, but ultimately is in command of his/her respective sphere of government.
Any decision or policy of a member of The Board of Directors can only be overruled by a majority vote by The Board of Directors, CEO, and CFO

Section III - Powers and Duties of the CEO:

The power to remove any Government Member.
The power to not be forcibly removed from office. (i.e. impeachment)
The power to initiate diplomacy on behalf of the Alliance.
The power to veto policy.
The power to reject applicants.
The power to take reasonable action for any issue.
The duty to remain impartial and independent in any inter-alliance issue.

Section IV - Sovereignty:

The Alliance shall protect the rights and interests of its member nations.
Conferring and terminating the Alliance membership shall be the sole right of the Alliance, in accordance with its own laws and standards.
Claiming membership in the Alliance shall be the sole right of those nations to whom the Alliance has granted membership.
Claims of membership shall cease immediately upon termination of membership by the Alliance.

The Alliance flag, name, seals, intellectual property, and emblems, (and all other alliance related things) shall remain the exclusive property of the Alliance.
The Alliance property shall only be used with the expressed consent of the Alliance, as authorized by the Alliance Charter, laws and government.

Any person, nation, or alliance that contravenes, undermines or attempts to contravene or undermine the terms of this declaration, is in violation of the sovereignty of the Alliance.
Persons or nations who spy on the Alliance (in game or through OOC means), or share protected information without permission, have violated the Alliance's sovereignty.
Such perpetrators have committed a 'hostile action' against the Alliance.
Hostile action is defined as an actual, attempted, or threatened attack, invasion, or endeavor to inflict harm upon the Alliance or its citizens, territories, or properties.

Subject to the Alliance’s Charter, and governmental discretion, the Alliance reserves the right to retaliate against any perpetrator who violates the Alliance's sovereignty by any and all means necessary.
Punishments may include, but are not necessarily limited to: restitution and/or military action.

Section V - Legal Amendments:

Amendments to the Charter, and other laws may only be proposed by a member of Government. The Amendment must be approved by all members of Government. The CEO has the authority to veto any Amendment proposed.

Section VI - Membership Application:

The Alliance retains the right to deny membership to any nation.
The nation applying for membership must agree to all provisions in the application, have read this charter and all alliance laws, as well swearing to uphold all laws and this charter for their duration within the Alliance.

Section VII - Legality of the Charter:

This Charter shall be and remain the highest law of the Alliance.
All Alliance Laws shall be inferior to this document.
Should a policy be in direct conflict with the Charter, the Charter will supersede the policy in question.

Section VIII - Treaty, Pact, and Agreement Procedures:

In the event of the triggering of an mandatory pact between another alliance (MDP, etc), it shall be automatically accepted without need for support.
Treaties, Pacts, and Agreements may be accepted with approval of both the CEO and the CFO.
The Alliance will not engage in chaining alliance treaties.
The Director of Public Relations will be the main force in brokering treaty, with the supervision of the CEO and the CFO.

Section IX - Name, Flag, Seal, Emblem, and Property Alteration:

Only the CEO with the agreement of the CFO can change or alter any Name, Flag, Seal, Emblem, or other Property of the Alliance.

Signed and Ratified by,
Prezyan - CEO of Resplendent Inc.
BuySomeChips - CFO of Resplendent Inc.

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