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Application Layout

Post by Prezyan on Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:43 pm

Please copy and paste the quote below into a separate topic within the Application thread.

P&W Leader Name:
P&W Nation Name:
P&W Nation Link:
Have you applied to Obelisk in-game?:
Are you in any wars currently?:
Is your national color Purple?:
Do you agree to be bound by all Obelisk Code and Laws?:
Do you agree to maintain sufficient military forces for national defense?:
How did you hear of Obelisk :
Recruiter if messaged in-game:
How long have you currently been playing P&W:
Have you previously played P&W?:
Previous Alliances?:
Do you have a Recommendation from a member of the Orbis Community in good standing?:
If so, who?:

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